“I think I’m going to make a diaper out of a T-Shirt ”. –Reina Chavez (Owner / ZC)

What started as an experiment ultimately revealed a passion for a more conscientious approach to the way that society “diapers”.

In 2012, her daughter Zyah was born. Reina began sewing diapers for Zyah to use as an alternative to the cost and chemicals of disposable diapers. Having prior experience with sewing garments the quality of the stitching and fabrics increased, as did interest from family and friends.

The following year ZCREATIONZ was established and soon becoming a household name in the LA Cloth Diaper Community. Her handcrafted products reflect quality and attention to detail. ZC is dedicated to providing solution-based products without jeopardizing integrity for the more conscientious family.

Reina Chavez

Reina Chavez